Christmas Collection 2019

Christmas Collection 2019

The Swarovski Christmas ornaments and figurines are a beautiful series of sparkling crystal to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. The centerpiece of every year in the Swarovski Christmas collection is the Swarovski 2019 Christmas ornament, which is dated as always.

On this page you will find more and more new Christmas items over time. Have you already seen a piece and is not there yet? Call us! +31715723515


Christmas items from previous years can be found on the page Christmas



Annual Edition Christmas Ornament 2019
Swarovski Crystal - Annual Edition Christmas Ornament 2019 Bring a touch of magic into your home t..
€ 53.00
SCS Litte Star Ornament 2019
Swarovski Crystal - SCS Litte Star Ornament 2019 Designed to complement the SCS Christmas Ornament..
€ 44.00
Holiday Ornament 2019 Small
Swarovski Crystal - Holiday Ornament 2019 Small Inspired by the color of holly berries and Santa's..
€ 44.00
Gingerbread Snowman Couple Ornament
Swarovski Crystal - Gingerbread Snowman Couple Ornament Gingerbread has been a joyful symbol of Ch..
€ 75.00
Christmas Set 2019
Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Set 2019 Our beloved Christmas set includes the Annual Edition 2019 ..
€ 101.00
Christmas Ball Ornament small
Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Ball Ornament small The beautiful Swarovski Ball Ornament is crafted..
€ 37.00
Christmas Ball Ornament A. E. 2019
Swarovski Kristal - Christmas Ball Ornament Annual Edition 2019 Enjoy the magic of the holidays wi..
€ 71.00
Star Ornament Small Aurora Borealis
Swarovski Crystal - Star Ornament - Aurora Borealis Small - 2019 issue Nothing captures the magic ..
€ 44.00
Christmas Ornament Bell GSHA - Small
Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Ornament Bell Golden Shadow - Small Swarovski's beloved Christmas be..
€ 44.00
Acorn Ornament
€ 53.00
SCS Christmas Ornament 2019 Golden Shadow
Swarovski Crystal - SCS Christmas Ornament 2019 Golden Shadow This beautiful golden version of the..
€ 62.00
Kris Bear Christmas Annual Edition 2019
Swarovski Crystal - Kris Bear Christmas 2019 Our cute Kris Bear is back. A sought after collector'..
€ 99.00
Snowman with Candy Cane
Swarovski Crystal - Snowman with Candy Cane Add a cheerful touch to your Christmas decor with this..
€ 84.00
Minera Tea Light Holder Small
Swarovski Crystal - Minera Tea Light Holder Silver - Small This modern and elegant tealight holder..
€ 35.00
Little Star Ornament 2019
Swarovski Crystal - Little Star Ornament 2019 This beautiful star reflects the design of our annua..
€ 35.00
Candy Cane Heart Ornament
Swarovski Crystal - Candy Cane Heart Ornament Candy canes have been a cheerful symbol of Christmas..
€ 62.00
Rocking Elf
Swarovski Crystal - Rocking Elf Add a nice touch to your festive decor with this cute Rocking Elf,..
€ 44.00
Christmas Bell Ornament Heart - 2019
Swarovski Kristal - Christmas Bell Ornament Heart - 2019 This year, Swarovski's beloved Christmas ..
€ 62.00
Winter Star Ornament
Swarovski Kristal - Winter Star Ornament This unique and eye catching ornament, made by award-winn..
€ 109.00

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