Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars Collection

Swarovski Star Wars Crystal Set

Swarovski Celebrates Both Sides of the Force With Star Wars Crystal Set

The nine-piece collection consists of Princess Leia, Master Yoda, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO, R2-D2, the Stormtrooper, and both the Death Star and X-wing. Each figure comes with a high level of detail and polish. Combined with crystal color to match the likeness of the characters and a multitude of facets (the x-wing along contains 744 expertly cut crystal facets), each collectible ornament is a true work of art.  Again the confirmation of Swarovski's Excellent Craftsmanship.

Star Wars Princess Leia
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars Princess Leia From a galaxy far, far away to your own home, with this stunning display of Princess Leia. Expertly crafted in clear.. ..Read more
€ 199.00
Star Wars Luke Skywalker
This detailed Swarovski figurine is a stunning interpretation of a famous hero from the Star Wars universe. It features Luke Skywalker in 411 expertly crafted fac.. ..Read more
€ 199.00
Star Wars C-3PO (2019 issue)
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars C-3PO (2019 issue) This detailed design shows C-3PO as it appeared in the 1977 film "A New Hope", with a silver-colored right leg... ..Read more
€ 199.00
Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter
This beautiful object from Swarovski represents the famous Star Wars spacecraft: the X-Wing starfighter in which Luke Skywalker flew when he joined the Rebel Alli.. ..Read more
€ 319.00
Star Wars Storm Trooper
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars - Storm Trooper The Star Wars galaxy has been supplemented with sparkling Swarovski crystal. The iconic Stormtrooper, part of the .. ..Read more
€ 223.00
Star Wars R2-D2
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars R2-D2 The droid R2-D2 is an important link in the STAR WARS ™ universe, just seen in "The Force Awakens". Beautifully crafted with.. ..Read more
€ 143.00
Star Wars Master Yoda
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars - Master Yoda The Star Wars galaxy has been supplemented with sparkling Swarovski crystal. As a continuation of our Star Wars coll.. ..Read more
€ 143.00
Star Wars Darth Vader
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars - Darth Vader The Star Wars galaxy meets in sparkling Swarovski crystal Darth Vader. One of the most iconic villains in popular cu.. ..Read more
€ 319.00
Star Wars C-3PO
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars C-3PO A fantastic crystal gift for any STAR WARS lover, C-3PO is immortalized in red and gold crystal with black details and a cle.. ..Read more
€ 199.00
Star Wars BB-8
Swarovski Crystal - Star Wars BB-8 The newest member of the STAR WARS family, BB-8, stole the show in the movie The Force Awakens (2015). Swarovski has now made.. ..Read more
€ 79.00

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