Swarovski Crystal - Tom and Jerry

A tribute from Swarovski to the funny pair of opponents Tom and Jerry. Everyone knows Tom and Jerry's cartoons with the comical fights between this house cat and the mouse. Despite Tom's clever strategies (whether they work or not), he rarely manages to catch Jerry, mainly because of Jerry's crafty skills and luck. These figures are now released in sparkling and colorful Swarovski Crystal with very refined details.

Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
This is Jerry, the smart mouse who is always one step ahead of Tom, the house cat. He sits happily on a cheese, authentically rendered in a range of yellow and or.. ..Read more
€ 103.00
Tom (Tom and Jerry)
This is Tom brought to life in perfect detail. The iconic character from the cartoon series known from television. Tom the cat who always tries to catch Jerry, wh.. ..Read more
€ 199.00

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