Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Collection 2020

The Swarovski Christmas ornaments and figurines are a beautiful series of sparkling crystal to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. The centerpiece of every year in the Swarovski Christmas collection is the Swarovski 2020 Christmas ornament, which is dated as always.

On this page you will find more and more new Christmas items over time. Have you already seen a piece and is not there yet? Call us! +31 71 5723515

Christmas items from previous years can be found on the page Christmas


Santa´s Hat Ornament
Swarovski Crystal - Santa´s Hat Ornament Add cheerful sparkle to your home with this enchanting Santa hat ornament. Beautifully crafted in traditional Christmas.. ..Read more
€ 44.00
Christmas Ball Ornament small
Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Ball Ornament small The beautiful Swarovski Ball Ornament is crafted with hand-blown glass and is embellished with stunning crysta.. ..Read more
€ 39.00
Ice Star Ornament
Swarovski got the inspiration for this beautiful star from a winter landscape. This crystal ice star shines just like the Northern Lights themselves. The vibrant .. ..Read more
€ 53.00
Ball Ornament- Christmas Scene
This Swarovski Christmas ball ornament has captured childhood memories with loving details. In a handmade, mouth-blown open glass sphere, a sparkling crystal tedd.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Santa's Elf on Sleigh
Swarovski's tribute to Santa's elves: sitting on a polished metal sled, this crystal elf seems to be taking a break from making presents. In classically festive g.. ..Read more
€ 93.00
Christmas Set Star Golden Shadow
This exquisite set includes one Christmas Ornament Star and three stars in delicately crafted, gold-tone metal. Clear crystal chatons sparkle on both sides of the.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Star Ornament 3D Golden Shadow
Swarovski Crystal - Star Ornament 3D Golden Shadow A traditional Golden Shadow Crystal Star Ornament creating a festive tone to your home. Showcasing exquisite .. ..Read more
€ 50.00
Gingerbread Snowman Couple Ornament
Swarovski Crystal - Gingerbread Snowman Couple Ornament Gingerbread has been a joyful symbol of Christmas for centuries and this charming pair of gingerbread me.. ..Read more
€ 75.00
SCS Winter Sparkle Window Ornament
Winter Sparkle window Ornament, limited edition. With Shimmer Effect... ..Read more
€ 25.00
Santa's Sleigh (issue 2018)
Swarovski Crystal - Santa's Sleigh Help Santa get a festive mood with this lively design of his sleigh. Sparkling in red and clear crystal, it conveys a green C.. ..Read more
€ 139.00
Rocking Horse - Happy Holidays
This rocking horse figurine from Swarovski captures the childlike joy of movement in reflective crystal. Crafted in 322 sparkling facets, the horse sparkles with .. ..Read more
€ 62.00
Festive Ornament Small 2020 - Golden Shadow
Not only at Christmas, but you can now enjoy a winter sparkle all year round. This small Swarovski snowflake ornament in gold-colored crystal enchants you with 11.. ..Read more
€ 35.00
Winter Sparkle Ornament
Swarovski has been inspired by the enchanting beauty of winter landscapes. Gold-colored crystal leaves growing from the center of a sparkling clear crystal form a.. ..Read more
€ 95.00
Holiday Ornament Small 2020
A little winter sparkle can bring joy all year round. This small holiday snowflake ornament from Swarovski is made of red crystal with 110 facets. It will add spa.. ..Read more
€ 35.00
Santa Claus with Gift Bag
This Swarovski Santa figurine carries a bag of glittery gifts. Lovingly crafted from sparkling clear and red crystal, this Santa is carrying a brown bag full of t.. ..Read more
€ 179.00
Frozen 2 - Snowflake Ornament
Swarovski has created this enchanting snowflake ornament with 168 dazzling facets, reflecting the spirit of the animated Disney film 'Frozen 2'. It is the ideal g.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Christmas Ornament Set 2020
This Swarovski Christmas star set is inspired by the icy beauty of snowflakes. The set consists of the annual edition ornament and two of the small snowflakes. Cr.. ..Read more
€ 119.00
Christmas Ornament 3D Star Shimmer Small
This sparkly little Swarovski star is sure to light up your home. Made in 307 sparkling facets, the three-dimensional star refracts the light in all directions in.. ..Read more
€ 44.00
Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament 2020
Celebrate a newborn's first Christmas with this sweet Swarovski bear on the moon. This bear rocks on a sparkling crescent moon. It is made with love from gold-col.. ..Read more
€ 78.00
Santa's Reindeer
A tribute from Swarovski to Santa's friends. This sweet little reindeer is ready for his important task. The crystal figure is made in 466 sparkling facets. The c.. ..Read more
€ 95.00
Rocking Santa Claus Ornament
This cheerful Swarovski Rocking Santa shines in the dark evenings before Christmas. It hangs cheerfully from a white satin ribbon in 316 shiny facets in red and c.. ..Read more
€ 53.00
Rocking Angel
This Swarovski angel brings peace and joy with its sparkling light. Due to the rounded bottom, the figurine will rock gently when placed on a flat surface. As it .. ..Read more
€ 44.00
Holiday Ornament - Annual Edition 2020
We celebrate Christmas every year. The Holiday Ornament from Swarovski makes celebrating Christmas even more fun. This Christmas star in the shape of a snowflake .. ..Read more
€ 53.00
Holiday Mo and Ricci - Annual Edition 2020
Swarovski is proud to present two of its classic favorites, Mo and Ricci. Made of sparkling clear crystal adorned with festive red, black and green, with 605 prec.. ..Read more
€ 119.00
Green Christmas Tree Ornament
This Swarovski Christmas tree ornament gives a festive touch to the environment. This shiny green tree and its crystal trunk with golden hues, decorated with spar.. ..Read more
€ 69.00
Festive Ornament Set 2020 - Golden Shadow
With this Swarovski set consisting of three crystal snowflakes you are perfectly prepared for the Christmas period. The ornaments are in the color Golden Shadow a.. ..Read more
€ 95.00
Festive Christmas Star Ornament - Golden Shadow - Edition 2020
Christmas only occurs once a year. When that happens, this beautiful Swarovski ornament can help you celebrate. Beautifully crafted from sparkling gold-toned crys.. ..Read more
€ 69.00
Christmas Star Ornaments Collection 1991 till 2020
From the very first edition until now, all Swarovski Christmas star ornaments and snowflakes from 1991 till 2020. Complete with the original boxes, outer boxes an.. ..Read more
€ 5,500.00
Christmas Set Star Crystal Moonlight
Swarovski Crystal - Christmas Set Star Crystal Moonlight This beautiful set includes a Christmas ornament of a star in Crystal Moonlight and three silver metal.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Christmas Ornament 3D Star Shimmer Medium
This glittering Swarovski star will certainly illuminate your home. Made in 307 sparkling facets, the three-dimensional star refracts the light in all directions .. ..Read more
€ 62.00
Bell Ornament Star Large - 2020
This large Swarovski Bell Ornament chimes like the bells in the enchanting winter landscape. A handmade, mouth-blown glass bell hanging from a dainty white satin .. ..Read more
€ 67.00
Star Ornament 3D
Swarovski Crystal - Star Ornament 3D Silver A traditional Star Ornament creating a festive tone to your home. Showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and high brilli.. ..Read more
€ 50.00
Snowman Family
This snowman family of Swarovski Crystal is both decorative and endearing, and a festive gift for the whole family. The bodies evoke childhood memories of snow fu.. ..Read more
€ 119.00
SCS Winter Sparkle Ornament Annual Edition 2020
Inspired by the enchanting icy winter landscapes, this beautiful Swarovski ornament is one of the sparkling highlights of the collection. This ornament is made in.. ..Read more
€ 107.00
Swarovski has beautifully designed the well-known and classic Christmas flower, the poinsettia. It is made of clear, red and green crystal in 518 facets and has p.. ..Read more
€ 75.00
Gingerbread Reindeer Ornament
Gingerbread Christmas decorations can be traced back to a tradition of the English royal court. Swarovski honors this beautiful heritage with the sparkling ginger.. ..Read more
€ 69.00
Christmas Ornament - Little Snowflake - 2020
All year round, a little winter sparkle gives the feeling of joy. Made of clear crystal with 110 facets, this small snowflake ornament from Swarovski will add spa.. ..Read more
€ 35.00
Christmas Ball Ornament A. E. 2020
Celebrate Christmas with this beautiful iconic swan in a Swarovski crystal bauble. This is already the eighth edition of the annual publications. The swan is made.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Bell Ornament Star Small - 2020
This little Christmas bell from Swarovski is ready to let the sound of the holidays be heard. A handmade, mouth-blown glass bell on a dainty white satin ribbon co.. ..Read more
€ 44.00
Bell Jar Display Large
This bell jar of Swarovski crystal is the ideal way to present your most beautiful and special crystal creations. The whole consists of a high-quality glass bell .. ..Read more
€ 47.00
Annual Edition Christmas Ornament 2020
Swarovski Crystal - Annual Edition Christmas Ornament 2020 The sparkling Swarovski ornament in the shape of a snowflake is expertly crafted with 110 sparkling c.. ..Read more
€ 59.00
Kris Bear - Christmas - Annual Edition 2020
The Krisbeer is a good friend of everyone at Swarovski, he has been with them since 1993. He has since become a prized figurine among admirers and collectors alik.. ..Read more
€ 99.00

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