Valentine's Day

Swarovski Crystal Valentines day

Flower Dreams - Hearts
Swarovski Kristal - Flower Dreams - Hearts Offer flowers that will last forever with this beautiful design from the beloved Flower Dreams collection. Ideal as a.. ..Read more
€ 63.00
Brilliant Heart Small
Swarovski Crystal - Brilliant Heart Small This design is a classic interpretation of the universal symbol of love and consists of one piece of sparkling clear c.. ..Read more
€ 39.00
Love Heart Kakadu Red large
Swarovski Kakadu Red Large Love Heart - Retired Swarovski elegant large "red and pink" Love Heart. The two halves blend in harmony. One side sparkles in Kakadur.. ..Read more
€ 108.00
Kris bear You and I
Swarovski Crystal - Kris bears You and IThis happy couple have just said the vows to each other.These two bears in faceted clear crystal create a harmonious pair... ..Read more
€ 108.00
Heart Balloons Wagon
Swarovski Crystal - Heart Balloons Wagon The Heart Balloons Wagon is a beautiful Valentine's gift for someone special, or a fun way to celebrate the arrival of .. ..Read more
€ 55.00
Flower Dreams - Red Rose
Swarovski Crystal - Flower Dreams - Red Rose This romantic rose, symbolizes love and passion, is showcased in a red crystal to add color and sparkle to any inte.. ..Read more
€ 63.00
Rose Bouquet
Swarovski Crystal - Rose Bouquet Roses are usually given to a loved one on a birthday or holidays. These three roses of Antique Pink Crystal will never wither. .. ..Read more
€ 75.00
Love Heart Crystal Silver Shade
Swarovski Crystal Silver Shade Love Heart w/ Heart engravings Swarovski innovative design featuring laser heart shaped engravings on this heart shaped Swarovski.. ..Read more
€ 64.00
Kris bear Blue Cupcake
Swarovski Crystal - Kris Bear - Blue Cupcake So adorable and what a great gift idea to celebrate the arrival of a new baby boy! This clear crystal Kris Bear is .. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Flower Dreams - Sunflower
Swarovski Crystal - Flower Dreams - Sunflower Swarovski sunflower, symbolizing the summery sun, is showcased in yellow crystal tones to add color and sparkle to.. ..Read more
€ 73.00
Bo Bear So Sweet
Hug me! The words "I love you" cannot be expressed more beautifully than with this sweet bear. This cute animal has a heart of Light Siam crystal and is a perfect.. ..Read more
€ 96.00
Bo Bear So Brilliant
Swarovski Crystal - Bo Bear So Brilliant Bo Bear Brilliant bear shines in Metallic Light Gold colored crystal. A total of 70 crystals are set using an exclusive.. ..Read more
€ 96.00
Sparkling Heart
Swarovski Crystal - Sparkling Heart Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Faceted clear Sparling heart. A special heart for your someone special. The Swarovski Sparkling .. ..Read more
€ 76.00
Flower Dreams - Forget-me-not
Swarovski Crystal - Flower Dreams - Forget-me-not Symbolic of precious memories, this Forget-me-not flower is designed in light blue and yellow crystal with a g.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Love Heart Medium
Swarovski Crystal - Love Heart Medium Elegant clear crystal Swarovski heart created from a single crystal. The top portion of the heart is embellished with a sp.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Kris bear Flowers for you
Swarovski Crystal - Kris Bear Flowers for You This fully faceted clear crystal Kris Bear embodies happiness and joy. He is holding a flower garland with three f.. ..Read more
€ 85.00
Kris Bear - Sweet as Honey
Swarovski Crystal - Kris Bear - Sweet as Honey Swarovski's Krisbeertjes are loved by collectors all over the world. Beautifully made with 449 facets, this cheer.. ..Read more
€ 63.00
Kris bear - A Smile for You
Swarovski Crystal - Kris bear - A Smile for You With an extra dose of sunshine to the beloved Kris Bear collection from Swarovski, this cheerful bear holds a br.. ..Read more
€ 63.00
Kris bear I Love You
Swarovski Crystal - Kris Bear with Heart Balloon, I Love You Adorable Kris bear holding a pink heart shaped crystal balloon. A great gift for your Valentine... ..Read more
€ 95.00
In Love Paul & Paula
Swarovski Crystal - In Love - Paul & Paula We are in love! These lovely elephants come as a couple and make the perfect pair. They shine in light blue and p.. ..Read more
€ 79.00
Hoot - We are in Love
Swarovski Crystal - Hoot the Owl - We are in Love Spring has arrived, romance hangs in the air and our cute Hoot the Owl has fallen in love. The cute character .. ..Read more
€ 103.00
Flower Dreams - Daisy
Swarovski Crystal - Flower Dreams - Daisy This masterfully crafted daisy stands for innocence and purity. The timeless design is the perfect gift idea, giving e.. ..Read more
€ 73.00
Brilliant Heart
Swarovski Crystal - Brilliant Heart Valentine's Day Swarovski Collection. Crafted from one piece of stunning clear Swarovski crystal is this gorgeous heart desi.. ..Read more
€ 78.80
Swarovski Crystal - Turtledoves Two clear crystal turtledoves with Jet crystal eyes sit in a natural position. They represent the eternal love, with this they m.. ..Read more
€ 199.00
Love Heart Light Siam medium
Swarovski Love Heart Red Siam Medium This Swarovski beautiful crystal Love Heart sparkles in two harmonious colors: Kadadured crystal on one side while the othe.. ..Read more
€ 64.00

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